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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


>>Vedo domini di ritenzione anale quasi assoluta inframezzati a domini di bordello senza alcun senso di responsabilità... Col passar del tempo le dimensioni di questi domini aumenta, mentre il loro numero diminuisce: cosa resterà alla fine? Verso quale stato sta evolvendo il sistema? O dovrei piuttosto dubitare delle mie osservazioni?

Alla fine ci sarà uno scontro, ma non ci saranno né vincitori né vinti. Si tratterà semplicemente di un passaggio in cui il mondo intero si trasformerà in un altro mondo (intero) e in virtù di questa completezza, seppure si tratterà di un mondo nuovo, sarà sempre al tempo stesso lo stesso mondo di prima... Un passaggio, tutto qua...

Monday, 11 May 2015

Wüste ohne Ende

Das ist nichts, ein Quadratmeter auf die Zimmerdecke projektiertes Licht, und das ist alles, eine unendliche Wüste, ein Kilometer um Kilometer ausgebreiteter Ort, wo man einen ganzen Roman spielen lassen könnte!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Revolution's Revolution

The following spectacular picture, courtesy of MASA, shows the surface of the Moon & the Orbit of the earth around it.

This rare phenomenon of Inversion of who is revolving around whom, scientifically known as "revolution's revolution", Happened without being noticed by anybody because it took place Late last night, while Almost everybody was sleeping, or at least feeling tired & bored, and therefore almost certainly watching Some old scrap but still funny Precedently registered tv-series.

The Trail followed by the planets while swapping positions without Colliding is still clearly visible.


it is so, as if up to a certain point everything had always worked out nicely, even perfectly I would say, but then, at some point, abruptly, as if somebody or something - simply said, an external cause - would have always been there to prevent me from getting or doing it... When it has all started, I don't know... More or less I do know, but not precisely, nor precisely I know which specific event sparkled it all... Maybe, if I would know, I could do something to bring things back... Or maybe it has not been abrupt, but rather something happened - that thing - and then its consequences took place just slowly, until the last chance to logical fight the repercussions of it vanished... As it had all been already written down somewhere, sometime...